How Can A Blog Help Me Make Money?

The internet revolution has opened many opportunities to earn money online. There are many people who are using various internet methods to earn extra money. There are many ways that can help you to earn extra money. However, the most preferred method to earn money is from a blogging. You can use your writing skills to earn decent cash monthly. However, you require certain understanding such as monetizing a blog, keywords, Search engine optimization, etc. These understandings will help you to get huge traffic of visitors, which certainly is a main goal that helps to earn money. Moreover, another important thing is the precise implementation of these methods.

The first step to start the blogging is to start writing about your experiences and learning’s. It is important to write about subjects that readers will find both valuable and interesting. At first, it is advocated that writing a blog requires the understanding of keywords. A keyword is set a word, which people usually type in a search engine to find the information. Researching and using right keywords is essential to get a good page ranking. A good page ranking will keep the content of your page visible at the first page of search engine.

A good search engine ranking will help to generate traffic, which is crucial for making money from blogging. After writing a good content with the keywords, it is time that you must monetize the blog. Monetizing requires signing up with the advertising network. There are few types of advertising network such as contextual marketing, text marketing and affiliate marketing. The contextual marketing and text marketing networks pay the money to display the relevant ads. The affiliate marketing network is a commission based network, which pay when you induce sales of their products or services.

In conclusion, a consistent and interesting blog can attract traffic to your web-site, build solid relationships with your readers, and therefore provide a platform on which to sell your services and products.

Real Estate Now, Can You Make Money in Today’s Market?

I get this question often. Understand I have been investing full time in real estate for more than a decade. I’ve seen up markets and down markets. And, the question is consistent, “Can you make money in this market?”

The answer is always, yes. In today’s market there is loads of inventory. There are however a limited number of loan programs, and the ones that are available have stricter guidelines and qualifications. BUT people are still buying.

How Do You Profit?

There are plenty of strategies (or recipes as I call them) to win. One that you can use is “buying, fixing, and re-selling”. Remember this is but one-way to win. The first thing to realize about real estate is there is always a current value. Unless we are speculating, the current value is the value. NOT what the home was worth last year, or what it might be worth next year.

If you are buying at a discount on the current value then you have potential to win, period. It’s like gas prices; we remember what it once cost. But the reality is we buy gas at today’s price. You must treat real estate investment the same way. What is this house worth today?

Using a local agent to establish value – and even an appraiser – will help you understand the values in your investment market, the average time on market, and the median house price.

  • AVERAGE TIME ON MARKET will tell you how long it takes to sell a house in your market, and even better, for the neighborhood of the house you are buying.
  • MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE tells you what the average price is for a house in your area. You want to know this number because if you buy a house lower than or near this median you will have a higher number of potential buyers.

In other words, take the statistics of wealth in general; there are many more people with ordinary jobs than there are rich and carefree. You want to follow this statistic. Don’t worry we aren’t going to get crazy about analytics here, just know we want average houses, not mansions.

Okay so where are we? You are buying average houses, under the current market value. What’s next? Here is your punch list:

  • MONEY – How will you pay for this house?
  • FIX IT – Who will be doing the rehab work?
  • SELLING – Who will sell it?
  • DISCOUNT – How much under value?

Notice I didn’t number this list. That was intentional. All the factors here tell you what you can pay for a house…

DISCOUNT – How Much Under Value?

On average we are paying no more than 75 cents for a house. What that means is if the house will sell for $100,000 we will pay no more than $75,000 AND that number must include any repairs. If the house requires $15,000 in work then we can pay no more than $60,000 for the purchase.

Understand, we have been doing this for many years. As a rookie you can quickly eat away a 25% profit. Let’s look at an example transaction:

You pay 60 cents for a house, where you budget $15k to fix it. You will have an additional 6% or ($6,000) in agents fees, another 2% in closing costs, and this does not include any holding costs; utilities, cost of money, etc.

Here it is more clearly (same end value of $100,000):

– 60% buy
– 15% in repairs
– 6% in commissions
– 2% holding costs
– 83% total
– 17% potential profit

MONEY – How Will You Pay for This House?

There are many ways to pay. You can get a bank loan on the property, but, in many cases rehabs need more work and the lending guidelines will not allow for rundown houses. You can get a loan on your current house, if you have equity. You can borrow private/hard money. And, you can likely do a combination of several. Lastly, you can use your own cash or partner with someone with cash.

Regardless, there is a cost of money. That cost is the interest rate and any loan fees, plus time. For example, a private lender will charge points – one point, equals 1%. On a loan for $75,000 one point is $750 or for a two point loan – $1500. In most cases this will be added to your loan. Meaning you will pay it when you sell the house.

The common lingo for investors and private money is “two and twelve” which means that the loan costs 2 points and 12% interest. Note: you may pay more, even six and eighteen. Shop around. Assuming you paid 2 and 12 your points are $1500 and you monthly interest is $765 monthly.

If you hold a house for a number of months time is ticking dollars:

– month 1 – $765
– month 2 – $1,530
– month 3 – $2,295
– month 4 – $3,060
– month 5 – $3,825

Which means that over five months you will pay $3,825 plus $1500 (the points) for a total cost of money of $5,325. IF you held your house for 8 months you’d spend $6,120 plus $1500 ($7,620).

Remember you had 17% potential profit ($17,000). The other variable here is unforeseen costs of repair. I just bought a house that had an overage of $2000 for roof repairs – hidden under snow. Which brings us back around to your repair work.

FIX IT – Who Will Be Doing the Rehab Work?

People come and go. Over the years I’ve had several dream teams. Your contractor is a part of your team, as is your agent, and any other person you find yourself working with again and again. Once you have all the players your job will get easier. Our focus now is on your contractor.

All you have to do is turn on the TV for a primer on how to flip houses. And you see all the clich├ęs; yelling at contractors, contractors who don’t do good work, and contractor who charge too much, etc. There are however, a select few who get it.

You want someone fixing your houses that wants to grow with you – I assume you plan on buying more than one investment. You want a team player that not only understands how to fix houses, has a team attitude, and enough of a foundation he can eat some of his mistakes. Why? Because no matter how hard you BOTH try there will be houses like mine with a $2000 roof overage. I made the contractor share the cost. It was an item he over looked.

Your contractor is also there to look at houses before you buy, give you a cost for repair, then to DO the repairs quickly and have the home shining for you tell sell it – in the shortest time possible, tick-tock.

SELLING – Who Will Sell It?

Choosing an agent to work with is much like finding a contractor. There are people that specialize. You want an agent that works with investors when you are buying. But, you also want an agent capable of selling your house when it’s ready to go back on the market!


  • MONEY, how will you pay for this house? – You can use private/hard money lenders, bank loans, or cash. Yours or a partners.
  • FIX IT, who will be doing the rehab work? – Find your team. Shop around. Ask for referrals, there ARE good contractors with great prices.
  • SELLING, who will sell it? – The agent that helps you buy can also help you sell. Again, shop for an agent who works with investors.
  • DISCOUNT, how much under value? – Your discount may change based on your cost of money. I would never pay more than 75 cents with repairs.

In closing, this article was not meant to give you every answer about buying real estate for profit, but rather a glimpse at how you can win today. Again this is but one recipe for buying and selling houses. You must find the one that works for you. “Can you make money in this market?” You bet!

How To Effectively Make Money Online Without Any Website?

The world wide web is a huge space that is filled with ways where in you can earn money by simply just having your own computer and Internet connection. Everyone is talking about it but only a few know exactly how to earn money online, the proper way. The Internet is open to everyone so why not get a slice of the money pie that it offers? You can look at the information available online on how to do this, time and effort must be exerted for this to come into fruition. People have this preconceived notion that when you have a website, that will be the only time that you will earn money online. Untrue. Here we can tell you how to do it with no money and website involved.

Again, there are lots of ways to earn money online without any website involved. Here are some:

First is to do freelancing work. This is not exclusive to just writing alone but other jobs that are available like graphic design, writing resumes and the like. The choices you have are virtually infinite and if you know where to look, you will find what fits you. If you know that you have the talents and skills to do online work, then sell yourself to people who need them. Age is not an issue here, even young teenagers have taken advantage of this and made money out of this. As you can see, you do not need a website for this particular endeavour. Not only are you earning money, you are improving your inherent skills along the way too.

Another way is to sell your stuff on eBay. You do not need a website for this and you can make money out of it by just signing up for an account. On eBay, you can sell just about anything but of course the wise and the smart make use of research to know what is the “in” thing being sold there now. There are even people who go in search of different antique stores and garage sales to find one of a kind items to be sold at a very good tag price on eBay. So how will you know what is hot on eBay right now? They have a tool there labeled as “what’s hot” and you can see what are the current top items. But do not limit yourself to said items, again, you can sell your own stuff. Since eBay is so huge and they want to help earn money more through their site, they offer tutorials that teach you ways on how to maximize profits with your own products.

Lastly, you can dabble into stock trading online. This can be really intricate and detail-oriented. But if you know where to look for tips provided by certain websites, you will know your way around. Trade stock and earn profits without establishing your own website. For novices, start small and as you go along, you will know more. For those with more experience, this is a great opportunity to reach more market.